Who are we

Happy Work is specialized in the customer experience and leadership areas. We work with companies through consulting, training and coaching.

Happy Work is undoubtedly your solution!



Positively transform how companies deal with people and engage with customers


We want to be the reference company in consulting, training and coaching in the areas of customer experience and leadership, in all the markets where we operate.

Our Values

Every company is unique

Our solutions are always, but always, adapted to the culture and challenges of each organization. We know that only individualized solutions are capable of generating true transformations.

We know what we're talking about

We have extensive experience in Customer Service, in the most diverse sectors, in different functions. We know the market's best practices and are aware of the latest trends.

For us, people are everything

Technology or processes are very important. But it is people who make the difference. We believe in the individuality of each one and in human potential. We know how to work with people to transform organizations.

We work in creasingly better

We learn permanently. We believe in and practice continuous improvement in a determined way.

We are reliable

We make commitments and we fulfill them. We are rigorous, responsible, and serious. We want to establish long-term partnerships based on trust and open communication.

We breathe of optimism

We are positive and confident in the future. We cultivate happiness, have an open mind, and can't live without humor and a good mood.

We want to change the world

We believe and we do. We are innovative and unconventional whenever necessary. We embrace change. We are solution-focused and want to make our mark.

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