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Happy Work

Soluções para serviço ao cliente e contact center

Customer service and contact center solutions

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Consultoria e Certificação - Consulting and Certification

Formação e eventos - Training and events

Gestão de contactos - Contact management

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Welcome to Happy Work

Happy Work can help your Customer Service with highly qualified work, at a controlled cost and only when you need it.
You do not have or cannot relieve internal resources but need someone to do a certain type of specialized job?
You need help in carrying out a specific task but you don´t want more fixed costs?

Happy Work is the solution for you!

Happy Work can help your Customer Service with highly qualified work, at a controlled cost and only when you need it.

We organize international level events in the Customer Service area or tailored to each Organization.

Contact us for a tailored training program for your team.

APCC QUALITY SEAL – Portuguese Contact Center Association


We believe every Organization is unique

Our solutions are always, but always, adapted to the Culture and challenges of each Organization. We know that only individualized solutions are capable of generating true changes.

We know what we are talking about

We have plenty of experience in Customer Service, in the most diverse sectors, in different roles. We know what the good practices in the market are and we are aware of the latest tendencies.

For us, People are everything.

Technology and Processes are very important. But those who make a difference are people.
We believe in the individuality of each one of us and in Human Potential. We respect and care about one another.

We make mistakes. And we improve each time

We are not perfect and we make mistakes. But we do not repeat them. We are constantly learning. We believe and practice continuous improvement.

We are trustworthy

We assume commitments and we meet them. We are rigorous, responsible and serious. We want to establish long term partnerships, based on trust and open communication.

We breathe optimism

We are positive and confident in the future. We cultivate happiness, we have an open spirit and we do not know how to live without humor and good mood.

We want to change the World

We believe we can and we do it. We are innovators and unconventional whenever necessary. We embrace Change, which is Life and growth. We are focused on solutions and we want to leave our mark.

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Happy Work is a company specialized in the fields of Customer Support and Contact Centers.
We act alongside Companies through consulting, training, certification, events and contact management.

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